Expo Toolkit

We are gearing up in anticipation for the My New St. John’s Expo. This event fosters the connection between newcomers and the services and supports available to them within their communities, allowing them to take part in all aspects of life in St. John’s. To make this event a success we need your help.

We have compiled a handy toolkit that can help guide your promotion of your participation in this event. This toolkit will go over sample copy you can use to describe the event, visual assets you can leverage, and tips and tricks to help build engagement and excitement for the event. We are excited to host you, and we hope you share in that excitement with your networks!


Web & Social Media Essentials:

Twitter: @StJohnsLIP

Facebook event: My New St. John’s Expo 2023

Hashtag: #MNSJExpo23


Social media content

You can utilize the below sample copy and images to announce your participation in the event! Feel free to tweak it to your liking.

Linkedin/Facebook/Instagram: “Thrilled to announce that we will be an exhibitor at the upcoming My New St. John’s Expo hosted by the St. John’s Local Immigration Partnership. This event aims to connect newcomers with services and supports within their local community. This connection goes both ways, and we hope to learn how we can better serve the newcomer community!

Catch us from 12pm-6pm on October 19th, 2023 at the St. John’s Community Market, 245 Freshwater Rd. We look forward to chatting with you! #MNSJExpo23”


Twitter (X): “Thrilled to announce that we’ll be an exhibitor at the upcoming My New St. John’s Expo hosted by @StJohnsLIP. This event connects newcomers with services &supports within the community. Catch us at @SJFMNL Thurs, Oct 19th 12-6pm. #MNSJExpo23″


Additionally, social media algorithms thrive on added value. Reflect and add in your own insights on the event and its opportunities for both your organization and the attendees. This can give your post a more tailored feel and can help with engagement.


Static & Dynamic Visual Assets

Images typically enhance posting performance. We are providing you with some visual assets that you can use on your social media to help create cohesion when announcing your participation and posting about the Expo. These consist of a static social image, for download. If you’re looking for physical promotional assets, please contact us at immigration@stjohns.ca.

Two dynamic videos are provided as well, to highlight newcomers experiences in our winter & summer seasons.


Expo Hashtags

Using event-specific hashtags is a key to attracting attention. Don’t forget to create an engaging caption that highlights your organization’s excitement and the value you wish to gain from the experience. Our hashtag across all platforms is: #MNSJExpo23


Share our Facebook event

Navigate to our Facebook event, My New St. John’s Expo 2023 and share it throughout your network by creating a post and/or inviting your Facebook friends. Mark yourself as attending by pressing the “I’m going” button. This will inform your network of your attendance! You amplify the event and grow the audience when you invite your friends.



Communications timeline (recommended)

1 month prior to the Expo:

  • Encourage social media followers to “save the date” and highlight the hashtag on social media (#MNSJExpo23).
  • Post 2 or 3 times per week per platform, gradually increasing the number of posts as more information for the event(s) becomes available.


2 weeks prior to the Expo:

  • Increase the number of posts to 3 or 4 times per week. Posts should ask attendees to click “I’m going” within Facebook, tell their friends, and/or engage on social media through the hashtag #MNSJExpo23. The posts should generally build excitement for the event(s).


During the Expo:

  • Post at least once or twice per platform.
  • Schedule reminders for the event right before its start time.
  • Consider assigning a staff member or volunteer to live tweet.


After the Expo:

  • Share success stories from the event(s).
  • Highlight prominent guests, and metrics on attendees
  • Thank any partners and attendees by tagging them in posts.


Social media tips

  • Shorter is better.
  • A candid or action-oriented photo is better than a posed photo.
  • Use a high-resolution photo, if possible (typically 300 DPI and at least 1 MB in size).


By following these suggestions, you can leverage these assets to their full potential to enhance your social media presence and build excitement before the Expo. A well-executed social media strategy is the first step to making valuable connections and maximizing the opportunities the Expo offers.


Start preparing today!