About us

The St. John’s Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) is a collaborative community initiative dedicated to improving immigrant integration and retention in St. John’s. Aimed at helping newcomers fully engage in all aspects of social, economic, and cultural life and building on the knowledge gained through other LIP’s across the country, the role is to:

  • Establish priorities and develop action plans to help address key immigrant issues
  • Encourage broader stakeholder collaboration
  • Help St. John’s grow as a welcoming community for newcomers


Established in 2015 and hosted by the City of St. John’s, the St. John’s LIP is co-chaired with the Association for New Canadians and is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. Additionally, there are currently more than 85 LIP’s across Canada, including ten in Atlantic Canada.


St. John’s is a welcoming and inclusive community where all immigrants are provided with the opportunity to succeed, integrate, feel they belong, and are able to contribute to the economic, social, civic, and cultural growth of their community.


  • To enhance awareness of immigrant needs among a broader range of community stakeholders;
  • To expand the number of broad-based multi-sectorial partnerships at the local community level to respond to needs;
  • To improve access to, coordination of, and linkages to services that facilitate immigrant settlement and integration; and,
  • To increase capacity to research and disseminate best practices.

Partnership Council

A Partnership Council made up of a broad-base of community stakeholders governs The St. John’s LIP. As a result, the Partnership Council plays an advisory role, helping to determine priority areas in the Strategic Plan and overseeing progress.

Working Groups

The role of the working groups is to create action plans and implement activities on a sub-committee/project-basis. Therefore, the St. John’s LIP has working groups in three priority areas:

  • Employment and Labour Needs
  • Wellness and Welcoming Communities
  • Education and Training

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